Radar Detection

Track Intruders with Radar Detection Installation

Prevent accidents before they occur with the use of radar detection systems. With wide-area tracking and detection, radar systems provide the ability to track potential intruders, sound alarms, and protect what matters most in your infrastructure. Let 4PC help install a custom system to protect your business.

Unmatched Knowledge in Radar Detection

4PC Security Technologies provides an unmatched knowledge in radar detection through their relationship with companies such as Spotter RF Technologies. Recently, Honeywell, SpotterRF Radar, Security Integrator 4PC, and the Security Group of Burns & McDonnell created award-winning active radar technology in an “Iron Dome” security project. The innovative technology provides intelligent intrusion detection for advanced notification of threats, which frees up time for a more effective response.

Iron Dome Project

The “Iron Dome” project included a system with integrated behavioral filters that can detect moving targets, automatically analyze behavior, and instantly cue cameras to a detected spot using GPS coordinates for pinpoint accuracy. Thermal capabilities of the HD cameras can determine if movement belongs to a live individual who might present a threat. See more about our work on the “Iron Dome” project.

4PC Security Technologies is compliant on a local, state, and federal level with NEC 70, NFPA 72, NFPA 101, NFPA 731, BOCA, and IBC.

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