Predictive Analytics Systems

Predictive Analytics are Key in Every Security System

As security technologies continue to evolve, the use of Predictive Analytics will become a foundation in every integrated security system. With the use of an intelligent security system, your infrastructure can become more secure and efficient in its operations. When a life is a matter of time, Predictive Analytics are there to protect.

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis is where camera systems or access systems use “DATA MINING” to discover habits of people to then automate actions, or create responses to “abnormal” behavior.  Along with being able to discern “EMOTIONS” such as anger, stress, nervousness, etc.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics allows for the automatic scene analysis of conditions present that are either “normal” or “out of normal” and invokes predetermined actions based on the analyzed data from the video system.  This allows for IP Video Systems to become “actionable” with their intelligence gathering, and “PROACTIVE” instead of only reacting post-event in a forensic manner.

Automated Situational Awareness

When seconds matter, and response time reduction is critical, automating situational responses based on pre-determined thresholds, allows for the integrated security solutions to invoke rules that can put into motion safety plans in response to these detected events, which will help reduce overall process latency and increase effective responsiveness.

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