Intelligent Video Systems

Intelligent Video Systems: Video Analytics to Protect Your Assets

Intelligent video systems are the integration of video technology and analytic software that can be used for a variety of purposes. Without the need for human intervention, intelligent video can process, manipulate, and/or perform predetermined actions based on the analysis of the scene.

Intelligent video systems can track and search objects, count instances of an event or object, identify locations, detect events, trigger alarms, report alerts, close exits, and more. Through the utilization of high resolution and network-based cameras and video recorders, 4PC delivers the highest quality systems to protect your assets.

Video Analytics

With the implantation of video analytics, your investment is protected at a higher capacity. Video analytics technology assists not only forensically, but proactively. With the capabilities of face recognition, motion detection, license plate reading, object tracking, human character analysis, intrusion/area detection, crowd monitoring, fire detection, and countless other technologies – you can ensure your business is functioning at its highest capacity all while remaining secure.

4K and 8K Solutions

4K and 8K solutions are next generation technologies that provide your infrastructure with next level advancements. With the continuing advancements of video technology, 4K and 8K solutions are replacing the traditional analog and 1080P solutions.

Through high video resolution, tracking, and multi-sensor capabilities – 4K and 8K solutions can eliminate the quantity of required cameras while maintaining the highest pixels on target at all times.

Digital IP Based Video Network Solutions

In today’s digital age, analog systems have become a thing of the past. Through digital IP video systems, your surveillance can improve productivity and quality. Network based IP video systems allow for the expansion of your video security footprint to be as simple as adding a network drop to your system.

Digital IP based video network solutions allow your system to ensure higher image quality, provide a larger area of coverage, withhold wireless capabilities, reduce elimination of positioning, and provide encryption protection.

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