Access Control

As you seek to protect your building and employees, establishing a respected access control system will quickly provide peace of mind. Access control goes far beyond allowing an individual access into certain areas. It protects your company’s data, protects your employees, provides you the ability to see where individuals perform specific tasks, and far more.

4PC Security Technologies will commit to finding the best security system to suit your business’s needs.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric systems take collective data of your employees and utilize that data along with unique biological traits to secure your infrastructure. Devices include fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, facial recognition scanners, hand geometry readers, and more.

With the inability to be transferred, biometrics provide enhanced security to any location. 4PC’s unmatched knowledge in biometrics is guaranteed to result in the best solution for your infrastructure.

Mobile Credential

As the world revolves around our smart devices, key card entry systems are becoming a thing of the past. Mobile credential technology eliminates the need to carry a key card, in turn eliminating the need to purchase and store physical credentials. Mobile credentials enhance the security factor with the inability to be “skimmed” unlike the traditional key card.

With the convenient use of a smart phone’s Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, individuals can access your building remotely. Mobile credentials allow administrators to revoke credentials from anywhere – doors or gates can be opened at the touch of a button, and other countless capabilities. Let 4PC customize a mobile credential system tailored to your business’s needs.


Frictionless access control provides the same level of security and peace of mind without the impedance to your workflow that some security measures inherently have. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, frictional access control systems learn the ability to predict and read a user’s intention.

By eliminating the need for cards, badges, or keys – frictionless access control continues to protect your infrastructure without the reduction of movement. 4PC Security Technologies use of frictionless reader technologies gives your infrastructure the highest level of security, while keeping your business up to speed with today’s modern advancements.

Smart Card

With the use of a programmed computer chip, smart cards have become an established and respected access control system. Smart cards have the capability to be integrated with multiple systems, eliminating the need for multiple access cards in an enterprise.

Businesses entailing multiple facilities such as hospitals or campuses benefit greatly from the use of smart cards with the capability to be programmed to numerous reader systems.

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