Manufacturing Overwatch - Track Your Goods & Productivity

Manufacturing Overwatch Security is Necessary for Both Production and Protection

Manufacturing facilities can be a very hazardous environment to work in. Having an intelligent process overwatch system for your manufacturing facility is necessary so that you can keep track of your goods as they process through your facility. 

How can intelligent video benefit your business’s production line? Through intelligent video analytics, your manufacturing plant can ensure increased productivity and a safer environment for your employees. Modern technology can allow cameras to be placed within machines to even troubleshoot malfunctions and monitor functions.

4PC also realizes your employee safety is another primary concern – and we provide various kinds of life safety measures to ensure that your employees are safe and secure in their work environment.

What We Do

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

As a “Product-Independent” company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients. We’re here to find the right solution for your infrastructure – and our options are not limited to exceed your needs.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

We provide solutions to control employee access, overwatch of the safety of employees, and enabling process monitoring

Your Manufacturing Security Needs Solved

Your Manufacturing Security Needs Solved
  • Employee safety is paramount in the field of manufacturing safety – and we provide custom solutions and stop at nothing to protect them.
  • Man Down Analytics – detects if a man is down in your facility natively from the camera or edge device. A camera can then automatically send an alarm in various ways to alert other employees of the situation.
  • Fire Detection Systems – alert your entire facility if a fire breaks out inside your plant.

Solution Options

Solution Options

Manufacturing Security Solution Options Include:

  • IP Video With Analytics 
  • Advanced Access Control 
  • Intercom PA Systems 
  • Life Safety Systems 
  • Thermal Cameras

A.B.C. Strategy

Analyze the Risk

Build the Solution

Create the Culture

Develop a Life Cycle Program

Educate Stakeholders

Why Choose Us

4PC is located near Wichita, Kansas. We are a highly experienced team looking to solve any security issue or need that our family of clients have.

We are driven to ensure that you, the client, is completely satisfied with our professional installation of your security infrastructure. We are a family-based company and believe in providing security solutions that will work best for your specific needs.

4PC offers far more than the standard “security in a can” solutions. We customize every solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Let us help you take the next step in security. Contact us today for more information.

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