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Security in the medical world is absolutely critical. Hospitals constantly undergo stressful situations typically with emotions running high and lives at stake. Healthcare facilities must ensure that their site security is able to withstand critical events and protect people in any way possible, without disrupting the fast-paced environment.

How does access control apply to your healthcare facility? The healthcare industry’s need for access control is more prevalent than ever. Having control of the flow of people, as well as the ability to lock down or unlock your facility in the event of an emergency are just a few examples of the need for access control.

4PC can provide custom seamless healthcare security solutions that integrate into the day-to-day operations of any healthcare facility. Contact us for a security risk assessment and to find your best custom healthcare security solution. Protect personnel and patients!

What We Do

Custom Healthcare Solutions

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

As a “Product-Independent” company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients. We’re here to find the right solution for your infrastructure – and our options are not limited to exceed your needs.

Facility Control

Facility Control

We can provide solutions to control public and employee access as well as provide total overwatch management of the facility.

Your Security Needs Solved

Your Security Needs Solved

Frictionless or “touchless” security biometric readers are becoming a huge staple in the medical industry. Through frictionless technology, medical personnel no longer have to touch anything when entering a room; they just simply look at the reader to open doors. In certain applications, patients and visitors would no longer need to touch anything, creating an overall more secure, safe, and healthy environment for all.

How can thermal imaging cameras aid in fighting viruses or infections? While thermal imaging cameras do not find individuals experiencing symptoms of a virus, they can aid in identifying individuals with elevated body temperatures. By identifying those with an elevated temperature, you can take precautionary measures to perform additional screening on those individuals to keep your facility safe. See more about 4PC’s advanced intelligent video systems.

Solution Options

Solution Options

Healthcare Security Solution Options Include:

  • IP Video With Analytics 
  • Advanced Access Control 
  • Gunshot Detection 
  • Radar Detection Systems 
  • Life Safety Systems

A.B.C. Strategy

Analyze the Risk

Build the Solution

Create the Culture

Develop a Life Cycle Program

Educate Stakeholders

Why Choose Us

4PC is located near Wichita, Kansas. We are a highly experienced team looking to solve any security issue or need that our family of clients have.

We are driven to ensure that you, the client, is completely satisfied with our professional installation of your security infrastructure. We are a family-based company and believe in providing security solutions that will work best for your specific needs.

4PC offers far more than the standard “security in a can” solutions. We customize every solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Let us help you take the next step in security. Contact us today for more information.

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