Questions About Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Predictive Analytics, or Behavioral Analysis? As an Experienced Business Security Systems Expert, 4PC Has Answers.

4PC Security Technologies takes pride in providing custom security solutions to businesses across the United States. Due to the recent pandemic with COVID-19, we have seen a rise in inquires in regard to access control and thermal imaging technologies. Please feel free to submit your questions and we would be honored to answer any security solutions questions you have!


  • How can predictive analytics help a business?

    Predictive analytics can help detect a threat before it happens with behavioral analysis or intelligent video analytics that analyze and present abnormal behavior. We can help your business security infrastructure become more proactive as opposed to reactive. Preparation is crucial when every second matters in the event of a security breach.

  • What is behavioral analysis?

    Behavior Analysis is where camera systems or access systems use “DATA MINING” to discover habits of people to then automate actions, or create responses to “abnormal” behavior.  Along with being able to discern “EMOTIONS” such as anger, stress, nervousness, etc. See more about behavioral analysis and predictive analytics systems.

  • What types of intrusion detection security systems does 4PC offer?

    Intrusion detection security systems 4PC can custom tailor for your business include electronic sensors such as motion detectors, contacts, glass breaks, panic buttons, as well as peripheral devices to help ensure your building is protected. See more about intrusion detection.

  • How can 4PC help against the fight of COVID 19?

    Go touchless by implementing biometric technologies such as facial recognition, iris detection, touchless palm/fingerprint readers you can maintain and even improve upon your facilities access control, whilst preventing the spread of such viruses.

  • What is the difference between alarm companies and security system integrators?

    Click here to learn more about the difference between alarm companies and security system integrations.

  • How does access control apply to my healthcare facility?

    The healthcare industry’s need for access control is more prevalent than ever. Having control of the flow of people, as well as the ability to lock down or unlock your facility in the event of an emergency are just a few examples of the need for access control.

  • How can thermal imaging cameras aid in fighting viruses or infections?

    While thermal imaging cameras do not find individuals experiencing symptoms of a virus, they can aid in identifying individuals with elevated body temperatures. By identifying those with an elevated temperature, you can take precautionary measures to perform additional screening on those individuals to keep your facility safe.

  • How can security cameras raise awareness before an incident may occur on my campus?

    Automated Situational Awareness can be the difference between life or death in the event of a campus emergency. Through behavior analysis technologies, your camera and access systems have the capability to study a person’s habits, as well as assess their emotions and alert you of any abnormal behavior. Video Analytics also can assist in monitoring “normal” and “abnormal” behaviors by analyzing data and being proactive in the event of an emergency.

  • How do I know what security system is right for my business?

    Assessing your business’s risk is the first step in determining the right solution. Here at 4PC, we take pride in being a professional security systems integrator that can design and install a system that will last your business a lifetime. We can assist you in mitigating your risk, and then design and tailor the best solution to suit your needs.

  • What is biometric access control?

    Biometrics is the analysis of biological data using technology. The data is based upon the specific physical characteristics of an individual and then analyzed through biometrics to either deny or grant permission of entrance.

  • How can intelligent video benefit my production line?

    Through intelligent video analytics, your manufacturing plant can ensure increased productivity and a safer environment for your employees. Modern technology can allow cameras to be placed within machines to even troubleshoot malfunctions and monitor functions.

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